Environmental action for river cleanup and river restoration.
Environmental Action
Environmental Action
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How YOU Can
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Environmental Action

Environmental Action

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Environmental Action

* July 2009 Update

Defining Problems Away

Several local, state and federal government agencies are trying to push through changes that will hide local environmental problems in the Green Bay area by simply defining them out of existence. 

In the 1980s, a list of 13 problems were identified, and these formed the basis for clean-up planning.  Now, the agencies are writing “Delisting Targets” to allow them to take each problem off the list and declare victory, in many cases when serious problems still exist.

<>A public comment period is being held right now.  It’s vital that everyone protest these changes, because premature delisting would undercut future efforts to better address problems.  We would have no local mandate or hope of government funding if our problems are declared “solved.”

Key Actions You Can Take:

  • Send a Letter to the DNR --- Mail our form letter, due August 6, 2009, or write your own.  Please add your own comments to personalize your letter.   Or you can cut and paste your letter into an e-mail to Erin Hanson, of the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources.  Be sure to include your name, full address and phone number.
  • E-mail your Elected Officials --- Cut and paste your DNR letter into the online forms provided by elected officials, with a note on top asking your elected officials for help:
  • Encourage Friends, Family Members and Co-workers to do the same.  --- We can make a difference if we all work together!

Other things you can do:
  • Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper expressing your views on this topic.  (Click here for ideas, addresses and e-mails.)
  • Help Give Local Programs  You can volunteer to speak at your church, school or civic club about this issue.  We provide handouts and pointers.  Just give us a call at 920-468-4243.  If we all work together we can reach more people and be more effective.   Citizen advocacy and organizing can make a difference, and be empowering for you and your group.
Environmental Action
  • Contact Your Elected Representatives 

  • at the local, state and federal level to demand that they support good, rapid actions on this issue. 

    Click here for ideas and addresses. 

    Or you can just use our ready-made click-and-send letter at the top of this page. It's easy.  Please help by exercizing your civic rights, and make sure the government is listening to grassroots public environmental concerns. 

Environmental Action

  • Become Informed --- Read as much information on this website as possible, so you can be an informed participant.  Visit Fox River Watch often, to read new additions, updates and action alerts!
  • Talk with your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors about this issue. Urge them to visit this webpage and get involved too. 
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Environmental Action Environmental Action

Environmental Action
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Environmental Action
Environmental Action Environmental Action
Environmental Action Environmental Action

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